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I was about the get an operation of my spine because i just couldn’t stand the pain, it was very intense and the spine surgeon told me that i needed an operation to help me out, fortunately i found Dr. David and he told me to get the gastric bypass first and it will be a lot of chances to avoid the spine surgery, besides I felt emotionally down ‘cause being so young and carrying all this weight didn’t help at all in my social and work life. But everything I’m so happy, I didn’t need the operation for my back at the end, and my life changed 100% for good, Dr. David made me feel so good with his confidence and care
Edith Alejandra Abrego


7 Months have past and the truth I am very happy with the results, weight currently 68,400 of the 90 that I weighed when I operated. I send you two photos that I have that were taken before I intervene ... And two recent, I am with a black dress, I were taken last Saturday (21.April2012) Yours sincerely

Anali Garcia



From 249 to 120lb in 6 months since i got the surgery, and my life change, thanks for this new opportunity, i don't have words to thank you but i'm so grateful, with all my affection and care...







I used to have hypertension, and I couldn’t stand the pain in my knees so I decided to go for the gastric bypass and it was awesome, I’ve put down more than 130lb in 8 months after the surgery and I feel and look great, now I’m making exercise and in control with the nutritionist, I’ve taken some vitamins. Right now I feel that I’m learning to eat healthy not only in quantity but I quality…thanks to Dr. David and his team for treating me so well and give me the opportunity to live longer

Ivan Gonzalez


I couldn't sleep any more, i had to be seated most of the night because otherwise i will be choking constantly and snoring, beside i was tired all day and suffering of fatigue even when i walk just one block, so i decided to go for the bypass and after one year i dropped almost 180lb, and everything change, i highly recomend this treatment and will change your life for good..thanks Dr. David





I got the gastric band operation in Guanajuato, but during the surgery there was a complication and they decided not to place the band, they told me that I had an important bleeding and they had to convert the surgery to an open procedure, so I developed a lot of adhesions and I stay with my obesity of 320 lb. Then a friend of mine recommend me Dr. David and my hope came back to me once again, the other doctors told me that I couldn’t go for any obesity surgery anymore and Dr. David suggested me to go for the gastric bypass, right now at one year after the surgery I’m 170lb and feel incredible, I tought I was never going to be able to be as I’m right now and my lifestyle has improved dramatically….i’m so glad I met Dr. David and will be gratefull all my life.

Maria Nieves


I have a son who was born premature, 2.2 lb weight, thank god he's healthy and means everything to me, the only thing is i had morbid obesity weighing 300lb, i couldn't taken care of my son as i wished because of my weight so i decided to go for the gastric bypass and my life made a huge turn, now i feel very happy because all my anguish and sad feelings of not giving my son and my self the quality of life that i wanted has changed for good, thanks to Dr David and his team support now i feel awesome.
Sonia Soto



I just want to say that I'm so grateful to Dr. David and his team because now i feel a different woman, i see my self in the mirror and really can't believe the huge change of my face, body, and everything. I feel so much younger after loosing more than 150 pounds in one year, now i've just got a plastic surgery operation for the extraskin and finally i'm in my ideal weight. I really recommend the gastric bypass, i'm making exercise everyday and having 3 meals per day and feeling very well
Alejandra Davila


It was a huge diference between one christmas and another, i had the gastric band and i've felt very well, i've just needed a couple of adjustments but they are simple and painless, my life has changed a lot since i decided to go for the operation...i'm about to get marry and i feel healthier than ever,thanks to Dr. David and his team


I decided to go for the gastric bypass, and i think it was one of the best decisions i've made in my life, i've lost a lot of weight , right now i weigh 140lb, and i've lost 76lb in just 7 months, i'm a happy woman and feel great, i recommend a lot this procedure, one of my sister had the operation with Dr. David a couple of months ago and she's doing very well



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